The 28th CEREC Master Course ONLINE             


This year the traditional 2 day CEREC Master Course will take place completely ONLINE, without any compromises or limitations. This will enable us to present the entire spectrum of new developments in a timely manner.


All presentations and demonstrations will be translated simultaneously into English

The leading experts will show you everything about CEREC 2020.

A wide range of possibilities that can be implemented, competently and efficiently in everyday practice, using new equipment as well as proven instruments.

You can even visit the CEREC dental trade-show.


For all generations of CEREC users, leading experts will be on hand to provide you with the knowledge you need and how to put it into practice. The patient treatment under the motto "Chairside Challenge" will be designed and presented by the CEREC mentors.

Articulation, bite relation, bridge, dynamic digital model, functional diagnostics, implants, orthodontics, adhesive bridge, dental-laboratory, material selection, veneer and zirconium oxide are just a few of the key points from the lectures that will be presented in addition to the proven tips and tricks and practical demonstrations. The bench mark is the panel discussion of leading experts from university and practice. We will present all this online and you will be sitting in the front row.


We look forward to seeing you: This year ONLINE.




FRIDAY JUNE 26, 2020

9.00 Opening and Introduction to the Topics (Reiss/Kordass)

9.30 Technical Basics CAD/CAM, Primescan, Primemill, Software, OraCheck (Bindl/Hartmann)

10.00 Disruption - Big Data - AI - Does the University still have a (competition) Chance? (Reich)

10.30 Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Marketing Opportunities for the Dental Office (Reiss/Hermann)

11.00 Break - Meet the Exhibitors - Virtual visit of the exhibition floor

11.30 Possibilities, Materials and their Clinical Application (Güth)

12.00 CEREC meets inLab (Rauscher)

12.30 Lunch Break- Meet the Exhibitors - Virtual visit of the exhibition floor

14.00 Update Inlays, Crowns, Bridges, Implants (Bindl/Hermann/Holtorf)

15.00 Break - Meet the Exhibitors - Virtual visit of the exhibition floor

15.30 Live-Treatment - Chairside Challenge (Fabel/Fehrmann/Freier/Holländer/Schmid/Scholz/Stamnitz)



9.00 Practical Demos at the CEREC Units (Experienced CEREC Mentors)

10.30 Panel Discussion of the Treatment and Lectures with the Experts (Reich/Hermann/Güth/Reiss/Live Treatment Team)

12.00 Lunch Break- Meet the Exhibitors - Virtual visit of the exhibition floor

13.30 Tips and Tricks New and Old Software (Brausewetter/Rosenstiel)

14.00 Why I switched to SureSmile Aligners (Dias Da Silva)

14.45 Aesthetic Anterior Restorations and Bite Registration Concepts (Neumann/Güth/Reich)

15.30 Printing in the Dental Lab und Practice (Bindl)

15.45 DDA Course Concept, Journal and Update Future (Wiedhahn, Völcker/Reich/Schenk)

16.15 End of Program